what makes a shotgun a shot gun and not a rifle

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bigrich954rr, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. bigrich954rr

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    Oct 30, 2004
    My one buddy keeps wanting me to go hunting with him. but where he hunts it shotgun only state <a href="http://longrangehunting.com/ubbthreads/law">law</a> not because of lack of long range shooting. ive seen a bolt action shotgun for deer hunting. could i get a custom one made to be more like a rifle. load it with slower powder and longer barrel to pick up more speed.

    DONTSTROKEME Well-Known Member

    May 21, 2006
    I could be corrected here but....

    I understand the difference to be what is actually loaded into the firearm. You can shoot 22lr solids or "birdshot" and I would still call the 22 a rifle. Just using "birdshot". It is not the same as a "Scattergun" but it is being used as a "shot" firearm. I feel the main reason areas use the shotgun only restriction is to keep the surrounding houses or people safe. A 22LR says that the range is 1.5 miles, where as a 00 buckshot should hit the ground within 300 yards. A slug is different yet, in Washington I am pretty sure that you can use a rifled shotgun with a slug in shotgun only areas. But it will do alot of damage if it hits a house or car, or goes astray.
    This is why I would understand an area being shotgun only.

    Rifeling is what makes a rifle, by definetion. A shotgun will have a smooth bore.

    A simple slug gun would be accurate to 150 yards, one that is rifled.....these are my opinions so I could be corrected here.

    Joe Oakes

  3. MachV

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    May 31, 2001
    Ya could but it gets spendy and your not gona get much farther.There is usualy moren on way to skin a cat though.The rifled slug barrels and sabots are makeing 175 yards posible.Depending on the state you can also us a pistol or muzzle loader.In the case of Mn you could use a 300Wm(or other sane round) in a TC encore pistol and be in comliance.
    Personaly I like my 1300 winchester and would and do use it anytime the range doesnt exeede 200yards.
  4. timl

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    Feb 11, 2006
    bigrich--check out tarhunt.com--lots of info on custom bolt action slug guns.
  5. James Jones

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    Jul 1, 2002
    I've shot a few custom slug guns one made by Tar-Hunt and they shot realy well but for the money I don't feel that they are worth it.
    The thing thats gonna limit your speed in a slug gun the case , shotguns are limited to about 12,000psi

    I've done some testing with shotguns by cutting the barrel back to see where the velocity stars to drop off and that generaly around 16" so by getting a 20" barreled shot gun the only thing you would be loosing would be site radius.
    I have a couple tactical shotguns that wil shoot the old Foster type slugs into centermass all day at 100yds off hand and they are smooth bore guns.
    With a properly assembled Rem 870 with a fully rifled barrel and the new sabot ammo out their I don't see 175-200yds being out of site. I bult a turkey gun for a close friend of the family on the Rem 870 , using a 21" rifle sited Rem barrel that was backbored , forcing cone lengthened and the Rhino choke lapped to the bore , the trigger worked and threaded pin instead of the friction type pins that hold it together it shoot realy well , better than any Benilli of Bereta I've shot.

    But check the regs , if you can hunt with a handgun get yourself an Encore with a 308 barrel and you'll be good to go out past 400yds.
  6. Len Backus

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    May 2, 2001
    THis year I have started hunting on my buddy's land in a shotgun county. I am using a borrowed handgun which is legal there, too. Meanwhile I am researching other gun options for the future. Blackpowder and shotguns have come a long way in accuracy. Slug guns can put 3 shots in a couple inches at 100 yards. But...I am discouraged by what I just read about bullet drift in wind.

    Tar-Hunt slug guns

    On page 14, it is mentioned that a 10 MPH sidewind results in 14 inches of drift at 150 yards. I'd guess this means nearly 2 feet at 200 yards.
  7. edge

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    Nov 4, 2005
    If they allow muzzleloaders AND allow the use of smokeless powder then you can buy a Savage muzzleloader and shoot 200 yards easily. You could also buy a 45 caliber custom barrel and eliminate the sabot entirely.

  8. BountyHunter

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    Jun 13, 2007
    I have a Mossberg 695 bolt action, 22" rifled with ports, 12 ga that will put 5 Fed Prem Barnes Expanders ito 1.5" at 100. I have taken deer at 180 yards with it. I am shooting the 2 3/4 shells at 1400 fps. I have tried the 1900 fps models and only thing it did was clear my sinuses and pull me out of my boots. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

    If you use a gun like the 870 or similar with interchangable barrels, have your smith drill and tap the rcvr and barrel so you can put one screw in and make them tighter. Will help groups quite a bit.

    Just about any smoothbore will group well at 100 with the forester type slugs (ie Win, KO, Brenneke etc), but the drop after that will get you. That is where the sabot slugs shine with less drop. You can work drop tables very easily also.

    For muzzleloaders try http://www.prbullet.com for very fast and accurate bullets along with breech plug mods that will really make your muzzleloader shoot well. I have their encore mod plug for the 25 ACP case with small rifle primers. Really tightened by groups up. They really have some low cost mods that make normal T/C and Knight guns long range shooters. Way under a custom gun. also you might find that the new Nikon BDC reticle for a muzzleloader is perfectly matched for a shotgun shooting sabot type bullets and that is geared for 250 yards.

    I am ordering the 20 ga barrel for my Encore, I think that is flat and has enough knockdown to go 200 yards.