what it takes to be a PH for TV hunts

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    Jul 19, 2010
    1.Being able to set up in a spot and kill a deer with out getting the fence in the video,

    2. having groups of guys drive the deer to your location.

    3. Acting surprised to find your deer when filming when the camra man is already siiting behind it filming you acting surprised when walking up to your deer.

    4. Having a new gun and scope scope to use every hunt.

    5. using a difrent bullet and saying that its the best bullet ever for hunting.

    6. consittently harvesting a buck of a lifetime everytime you go out hunting.

    7. Having enough money to harvest that buck of a lifetime everytime you go out hunting.

    8. One of your personal friends is in the camofluage buisness.

    9. Your idea of stalking an animal involves a boat, pickuptruck, helicopter or airplane.

    10. you can somehow tell people you stalked the animal for 7 hrs up and 6 miles of steep mountains, yet you are 100-200 over weight and your chin connect with you chest. and your camra crew does it with you.

    11. Finally this is the last one cecause I can't type anymore BS, You get thousands of people to beleive you did all this so you can sell someones product making money so you can have your face on the next bottle of Buck urine..lol!:)

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    Oct 16, 2008
    Gooood one!!!:D:D:D