What Is Parallax And How To Adjust For It? by Chris Farris

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    Hello Chris,

    Are there certain scope manufacturers and combinations whereby the parallax errors are more "minimized"? I guess I'm sort of alluding to, that for general hunting purposes out to a maximum range of say 600 yds I've always been ok with my leupold 2-7 or 3-9 power scopes and have never adjusted for parallax. (maybe I've just been lucky all these past 40 years!) Now I see some pretty nice, albeit expensive scopes out there that go up to 12 and 15x magnification and it would seem the issue is greater if I want to go with such a unit.

    I have a 3.5-15x Nightforce that I've been using for plinking at the range on a small .223 but I'm not sure I trust such a thing for my larger caliber hunting rifles. Not that I worry about the recoil, I just dont want to spoil a shot and wound an animal for instance, or fail to make a clean kill, and when I'm in the field I dont want to have to screw around with infinate adjustments whenever I do have a chance at a shot.

    The highest powered scope I previously hunted with was a 3-9x, but I just put a 2.5-10x Zeiss on my .338 and really like it, though I've not used it sufficiently to tell if I really need to be adjusting for parallax, it seems to be pretty much on target out to 300 yds at the range.

    Not that 10x is insufficient, but I'm considering a 12x Zeiss or Swarovski for my .300 Weatherby for long range dall sheep or caribou shots. However, I fear I may be treading on the grounds of building in a parallax error at the higher magnifications which is greater than I want to cope with in the field. Can you shed any light on this decision for me please?
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