weatherby wood stocks

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  1. splattermatic

    splattermatic Well-Known Member

    Nov 15, 2006
    i have shot many a weatherby rifle and realy like the looks of the radical humpback stock as well as how it displaces recoil.

    anyone else like these beautiful wood stocks ?

    most always they have grade aa wood or there abouts, yes i like wood !

    anyone not like them and why ?
  2. rocky_lange

    rocky_lange Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    I bought an Accumark with the factory stock and inherited my dad's Mark V deluxe that is about 40 years old. I love both rifles, but the wood stock does have the edge in the beauty department (even though it is well worn from use).

  3. bentquarterpanel

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    Apr 20, 2007

    I also like pretty wood. I have a blond o/u Weatherby I have a 300wthby. mag in a laser cut stock by weatherby and I have a beautiful Austin & Halleck muzzleloader. I 've had the 300 since 1985 and the o/u was made in Italy aprox 1968 and they all shoot very good with no problems. In fact the 300 has been to the Bridger Tetons twice and out west every yr since 1985. But I also take good care of my guns at the end of every season the sock is seperated from barrel and cleaned.
  4. splattermatic

    splattermatic Well-Known Member

    Nov 15, 2006
    this is getting much attention....
    so here's the reason for the question.

    i have a classic made in 1978 remington 700 adl in 30/06, the barrel is a tomato stake, we looked down it with a hawkeye bore scope, and it's got a lot of chatter.
    i bought it at christmas time for myself from my friends step dad.
    it shot the first few rounds great, but then started throwing them, saw lots of copper, cleaned and inspected.

    so now i have a donor action.

    Hardwood Gunstocks by CALI'CO HARDWOODS, INC. has weatherby factory second wood stocks for 41 bucks plus s/h. (8 bucks).

    so now i have the makings of a beautiful stock.

    on the falfiles, there is a guy named bluemonster who makes handmade fal buttstocks, and pistol grips, from some awesome wood. he's willing to give it a shot, at inletting and refinishing it for my 700 action. so this is why the 41 buck stock and not a true hogged out handmade stock, mistakes and all, the first time, etc.....

    now i have to decide if i want to rebarrel it as an '06 again, or go something else.....

    who wants to chime in with what caliber they would do...

    mind you i live in nm, go home to pa. for deer season, hunt elk in co...
    i have absolutely no "need" of another gun.....(i know, smack me)
    i just found out yesterday, my mad machinist put my remmy mountain rifle barrel on it (ss). but now with this stock, i want a number 2 or 3 contour for some heft.

    i like benchmark barrels, so i can order one for a great price, in any caliber or profile i want.

    i was thinking 6.5-06, or .280, or 30-06. don't want or need another magnum, and i have a barrett !

    i have many a toy, and only 1 so far thats a wood eye catcher.

    this one i want to be at the range and guys say, wow ! that's beautiful, but can it shoot, and it does.
    i am getting old and want a fine, fine rifle.

    comments ????