Weatherby ULW Glass Bedding & Free Floating

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    Apr 5, 2006
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    I have a Weatherby Mk V Ultra Lightweight in 300 wby mag. I love the gun but wish it will shoot tighter groups. My father is very good with handloading and we have what we have found to be the best combination so far.

    I have been reading quite a bit on here about glass bedding actions and free floating barrels as quick effective ways to increase accuracy. My barrel and forearm are in constant contact (no free float) in all places but the first two inches of the barrel out of the receiver where the barrel and forearm are not touching. Here are my questions:

    1. What does glass bedding do for a rifle? When is this recommended and how much accuracy can I expect to receive from doing so. (If there are any good "how-to's" on here, please let me know of the link.

    2. What does free floating do for the rifle and what kind of accuracy improvement can I expect? When should one go ahead and do this? Again, any how to's would be great.

    3. I have heard that some guns need pressure points to shoot well and not free floating barrels. How does one know what to do?

    4. I have heard/read the weatherby ultralightweights are very finicky....Any suggestions from first hand experience??