Weatherby Mark V in 300 Winmag

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    Mar 19, 2012
    it's my weatherby mark V in 300 winchester magnum, i have buy it because i need one to my long range shooting and litle bit hunting, have been a little bit of animal fore the rifle but it some animal i have miss whit it...
    the Longrangebullet. Lapua Scenar 185 grs sent out in 917 m/s

    Huntingbullet is 200 grs Swift Aframe and 150 grs Nosler Accubond

    a moose calf i shoot in 2011 with the rifle
    The Powder i use Vhitavuori N560
    Nosler Accubond 150 grs sent out in around 1000m/s
    The muzzlebrake "Leon break"
    metal behind the paper makes big holes in the paper

    MVH PederR

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