Wanemacher gun show the day After

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    Jul 3, 2005
    Ok Guys

    What did you Buy that you did knot plan to buy But you Had to have it ?

    I found a few Rifles that I thought I needed .

    What was the Keetest new Rifle You found ?

    I did knot find Bill baley Table but I looked for Him .
    Every Year I go to this show an they is some thng that I find that I had never seen before , What did you find that you have Knot seen Before ?

    They is always alot of Old Rifles there with history .

    If the Rifles could Talk they is know telling what they would tell us .

    Can you tell us what is the Best Thing that Bring Back evry year ?

    Bill Baliey What did you Like about this Show . What did you buy that you did Knot Need ?

    One Year I bought an 10 GA Stanless Flar Pistol It was $ 85 I seen them Laying on tables an they was for sale $ 300 to $ 700 for ones that looked like the one that I had .
    They told me that my was worth $25 so I packed it around for that show , it had to way 8 to 10 Lbs .so my son got the Job to packing t around at this show . well two Years later at an Fall show I sold it for $ 100 But I had to have it .