VX-III adjustment

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    Oct 4, 2008
    I have been trying to find how much elevation and windage adjustment a VX-III 4.5-14x40 with 1" tube has. I found one sight that claims 58 minutes. Does that sound correct?

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    Does this help any?

    Product Specifications
    Actual Magnification: 4.8(4.5x) 14.2(14x)
    Length (in): 12.6
    Eyepiece Length (in): 2.9
    Objective Length (in): 3.6
    Objective Diameter (in): 1.8
    Eyepiece Diameter (in): 1.55
    Tube Diameter: 1.0in
    Weight: 13.2 oz. / 374.2 grams
    Eye Relief (in): 4.4(4.5x) 3.6(14x)
    Eye Relief (mm): 112(4.5x) 93(14x)
    Obj. Lens Diameter: 1.6in / 40mm
    Max. Adjustment @ 100 yds (in): 67
    Max. Adjustment @ 100 m (cm): 186
    FOV @ 100 yds (ft): 19.9(4.5x) 7.4(14x)
    FOV @ 100 m (m): 6.6(4.5x) 2.5(14x)
    Ring Spacing
    Max. Mount Ring Spacing
    (in): 5.8
    Front Ring Space (in): 2.3
    Rear Ring Space (in): 2.3

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    Here's the link--> http://www2.leupold.com/products/products_specs.asp
    Just select what your're looking for and it'll give you the specs.