VX-7 and VX-II SOLD!

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    I've got some spring cleaning to do, actually I need to bite the bullet and get with some of these builds I've been dreaming up! I've got two scopes for sale that are BRAND NEW and have never ever been mounted. They come with all of the paperwork and warranty stuff etc, but I don't have the original boxes. I will supply the buyer or buyers with replacement Leupold boxes from a couple of my other scopes upon purchase. I will entertain the possibility of trades....

    (Please excuse the pics with the other accessories, a similar thread is also on Snipershide.)

    Vx-7 2.5-10x45 with B&C reticle
    Comes with a free custom shop service from Leupold and Alumina flip up caps. This is the model with 30mm tube 1/4moa clicks and 20moa single turn elevation with 10moa right and left on the windage. It has 72moa of internal adj also. Brand New!
    $850 shipped SOLD

    Vx-II 4-12x40 with fine duplex reticle
    Again, all of the paperwork is included and it has never been mounted or used! Adjustable Objective 1/4moa clicks.
    $350 shipped SOLD

    Harris non-swivel bipod 6-9"
    $50 shipped SOLD

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