vmax, how far from the lands?

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    Jun 4, 2003
    Been shooting my browning a bolt 22-250 a little bit lately with some 55g vmax and H380 and W760 powder. Been getting .75" 3 shot groups from a bench at 100 yards with the better loads, on up to 1.5" or so for the not so good ones. I think if I tinker with my seating depth, I should be able to get it down to at least 1/2". Its been kinda windy lately, usually 10 mph crosswind, but it doesn't seem to have much effect on the good loads still.

    I have found both nodes for each powder, so now I need to find the sweet spot for the seating depth. Anything above or below these charge weights and groups open up considerably. Right now, these are printing .6"-.8", with them all doing 2 in and 1 out.

    With H380 my node is very short from 37.5g-37.8g and is around 3525fps.

    With W760, my node is a bit longer from 37.9g-38.8g and again right at 3525-3550fps.

    I am .010" off right now, but I am seeing somewhat of the typical 2 in 1 out, its not bad, but noticable. My OAL is 2.490" at the moment which puts me roughly .010" off. I started them at 2.5" which was at the lands, but back down to 2.490" shortly after I had a bullet get stuck.

    So I guess my question is where do you guys set your vmax's typically off the lands to get them shooting the best??

    I read an article on the VLD's saying to jump in .040" increments. I know the vmax is a totally different bullet but was thinking of doing something along those lines. I was thinking .040" at a time would be to much, but they say your rifle will defintaely show a preference for 1 of the lengths, then you could fine tune in .005 or .010" increments.

    So I was thinking of going 2.450", 2.410", 2.370", and 2.350" which is the SAAMI oal with each of the 2 powders.

    I think I'll concentrate around 37.5g of H380 and 38.5g of W760 and try those 4 different seating depths in groups of 3 next week and hopefully I can get it shooting dime size groups which I"m pretty sure its capable of doing.

    Cases are fully prepped Winchester, weight sorted to within 1g, (out of 200 I got 100) trimmed, chamfered, debured, primer pockets cleaned, flash holes deburred, powder weighed on the dot every time. Am using Winchester Larger rifle primers. Did minimal testing with a few fed210's and my rifle definately showed a preference towards winchesters.
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    Briefly, none of us can tell you anything for sure, you will have to try it yourself.

    That said, your H-380 load would be far too quirky for me to fool with. Modest temp changes will likely blow your accuracy. I'd probably work with the W760 load, only.

    Seating close to the lands has never done a thing for me with any sporting rifle. I get best accuracy starting about .030" off and going even further away for some bullets.

    Seating steps of 10 thou work pretty well for me. A 40 thou steip is pretty big, that could cause me to completely miss some nodes.

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    I have a Browning A-Bolt Varmint Stalker in 22-250

    Seems to shoot very well.

    My best three shot group is .1"(basically one egged out hoe) with 32.5 gr of IMR 4064 and a 50 gr Ballistic tip at about 3600 fps. This is with the bullet about .035" off the lands.

    Best 5 shot group is around .5". Still working on those.

    Seems to shoot damn near everything between .5-.75" in 3 shot groups.

    I have found the ballistic tips to be more accurate so far, but I will messing with the V-Maxs more. I have them .020" off the lands and I'm thinking I will move them further from the lands.

    In the 55 gr ballistic tips, my gun seems to like Varget and H380 the best.

    In 50 grains, it likes IMR4064, Varget, RL15, and AA2230. All of them produce less then .3" 3 shot groups.

    I have also found CCI 200 or BR2 primers to be more accurate then the Winchesters.
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    with 4 different 22-250's I cannot seat V-Max bullets out far enough to reach the lands.

    Same thing with 36gr Varmint Grenades.

    I guess these rifles have long throats...

    2 Rem 700 VLS from 2 different years

    Tikka M595

    Howa 1500 varmint thumbhole