VIDEO - LRP 500 Yard Muzzleloader

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    May 2, 2001
    Many thought it wasn't possible, but we refuse to let boundaries define us. Our muzzle loader is easy to load. It delivers MORE terminal velocity at 500 yards with LESS wind deflection and LESS recoil than any other muzzle loading system out there.

    It's based on the simplest ballistic calculations: If you can increase the ballistic coefficient of the bullet, you can deliver more performance with less recoil. The problem is the industry supports relatively slow barrel twist rates like 1:26" or 1:28". This limits the type of bullet. High BC bullets are longer, and require faster twist rates to stabilize and "fly" accurately. Our twist rates accommodate the new 325 grain bullet from Parker Productions, and still utilize a sabot (although modified with molybedenum disulfide).

    The LRM-500 action uses a twin rear lug and a removable breach plug designed to accept the 209 style primer. It is very simple, but elegant in its operation. Reminiscent of the old 40X rimfire actions, it retains the same level of accuracy, and the system retains the strength to handle smokeless powder loads as well.

    A standard floor plate creates a storage space for possible and extra loads, and each muzzle loader comes with a seating rod and spin-jag, and a custom bullet starter to properly align and seat the high BC bullet. We even offer a muzzle break to further tame the recoil, and allow lighter overall rifle weights.

    The LRM-500 was a few years in the making, but with sub-MOA performance at 500 yards, it was worth the wait.

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