**VIDEO** Coyote hunt turns into kitty hunt

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  1. BigBamBoo

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    Nov 17, 2010
    So Frank and I went out to do some coyote hunting. I was planning on only running the video camera, but did have my rifle with me.
    Our first stand did not produce anything. So after a quick hike over the hill we set up and start calling. After 15 min. or so I see some movement and at first think its a fox about 200 yards out behind some brush.
    Frank does not see it so I get set up and out comes a nice kitty at about 175 yards. I take the shot and watch through the scope as it goes down hard...only to jump up and run off like nothing wrong. I am thinking WTF!?!?

    We hike out and I see a LARGE puddle of blood and fur. We start looking in the tress 20-30 yards away and the cat jumps/falls from the crotch of a oak tree and finally expires. This was about 6-8 min. after I shot it.

    I am thinking...boy I guess I did not hit it good. Frank flips it over and good shot! Just one tuff kitty. Check out the video.
    Sorry the video is not as good as some of my others...trying to run the camera and shoot just does not work.

    Take care,Stan

    PS...this was the last day of bobcat season too.

    YouTube - Coyote hunt turns into BOBCAT DOWN!
  2. tt35

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    Jun 10, 2010
    Wow, Stan, beautiful 'cat! Gorgeous spots clear up its sides. Nice shot too. Tough booger for sure! Congrats.

  3. scottmilk9

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    Mar 10, 2011
    Good job Stan. Great looking Cat.