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    Jun 20, 2007
    Glad to see the vid section.

    A friend in SC had a virus you might want to be aware of if downloading vids.

    Here's the gist of his info:

    Eyetide was the one I got.

    I believe it's a variant of Smitfraud (another super nasty).

    Both can get in via a Codec or Active X. I thought I was safe since I use Mozilla and it won't accept active x commands. But some videos shoot straight to Media Player and that's where the CODEC bug gets in.

    Uniblue Spy Eraser found part of it and Ad aware 2007 found some more of it. It's a pretty extensive bug.

    Someone had to be PAID to develop it. It is way too complicated for some geek to do on his own

    Best defense is great offense so be on the lookout.