Vat 69 1943 and 44 6 bottles.

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    Jan 7, 2003
    My last uncle died, he was an old WW2 vet we went through his thinghs I felt like a thief he left 6 bottles of VAT69 my youngest brother called a few old friends whos fathers served with Honor,all was said was there was a bunch of stuff brought home well there was about 8 or nine of these ground pounders showed and were oohoing and ahhing over 4 dated M1 GARANDS new, never went over seas, and 5, 03A3 REMINGTONS. they are in collector condition none of the rifles never seen use on base? he has a German sniper rifle used military(8MM WITH EAGLE,BALL AND SWASTICA on reciever. the stock was trashed the scope tube has a dent..Williams in Davison said no problem, but DONT SELL ANY OF THIS STUFF ITS NOT FOR SALE. Great value.
    Than my brother pulled the VAT69 well they looked like no big deal than they saw the dates and the corks,,,, were off faster than a prom dress. I don't drink,, but they loved it smooth.There is one Scope in question, it is a slip on, its in a metal box with everything there. its only 7 inches and stamped in the side is ZFc+ZF41. this is I need in some help with. I have no idea what kind of sight it is, I was told it was rare for WW2 and to find one
    you are lucky. On the sniper rifle it was stamped WAFFEN SS.