V-Port Muzzle brake

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  1. BigBlack

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    Mar 6, 2008
    Well I have no pictures right now but will try to get some up later but Nathan of Straight Shot Gunsmithing installed his V-port muzzle brake on my Remington 700 308 VLS and I must say it looks awesome. Have not had a chance to fully test but from the 2 shots I fired already (story below) it kicks less than my 243 but a little more than my 223.
    I had been waiting for my rifle for about 6 weeks when Monday I called to make sure my payment arrived and when they would be shipping my rifle back. I was told it was going out Monday and tracking info confirmed it did leave headed home Monday afternoon. The ship date was Friday and for me that meant Friday afternoon. Since we were leaving for vacation Friday I asked my wife if she minded leaving Saturday morning. The look she gave me meant we were still on schedule to leave Friday morning. Well Friday morning came and I check tracking and rifle was out for delivery. I asked my mom to call her contact at UPS to see who was on our route. She did and called me on my cell while I was in town getting dog food and gave me his next three stops. I found him at the third and he went ahead and let me get my rifle.
    You should have seen the look on my wife’s face when I returned with dog food and rifle. She did not question just started loading up the truck. In 10 minutes I had the trigger installed and stock put on. She had that look again when I got in the truck with my rifle and 4 rounds. We had to stop by my parents on the way out to drop off our dog and see them before we left. Lucky for me, my dad and I have a 100 yd range at his house. We snuck to it (50 yd walk) and fire a few shots standing. It was awesome and my dad was complete surprised at the reduction in recoil.
    Now if I can ever get back home so I can fully test out the new brake.
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    Jul 30, 2004
    I had Nathan put a V Port brake on my sporter weight 7mm RUM and all I can say is WOW! Felt recoil is probably no more than a 243. Before the brake, recoil was very hard and sharp. You had better be wearing hearing protection, though. I let a friend shoot it and from a few feet behind and off to the side I could feel the shock wave from the muzzle blast hit me in the chest. This brake and similar ones like the Defensive Edge and Painkiller are definitely specialized accessories. You wouldn't want one on your walk around deer rifle unless you had hearing protection on at all times. But for the precision LR rifle they are tops.