Utah cow elk hunt- skunked

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    Here is how things went for 2011. I left home on August 14 and returned home on October 19. The first hunt was for cow elk.

    The weather on the Manti La Sal at 9K feet was wonderful . I got my camp set up in the same place as last year and the evening before opening day I found a large herd of elk. I quit counting at 80 animals!

    Opening morning all elk had disappeared but around 8:00 I had three cows drinking water at 83 yards. I used my shooting stick to brace the bow and made the shot. Arrow went about 3-6 inches left and hit the shoulder bone of the cow and buried up about ½ inch in the bone. The cow shook her leg and the arrow dropped out. The only other shot I tried was at 40 yards and I managed to wound a 10 inch aspen and lose a $6 broad head to the aspen. I saw elk most days and just never seemed to be in the right place at the right time.

    I also had a archery deer tag and shot over a small buck at 30 yards being as I have no pin set for 30 yards and never practice at those kinds of close ranges!
    I had a lot of fun and will certainly do it again next year.

    Here are a few pictures taken at my camp. The meadow flowers were in bloom and a family of kestrels hunted the meadow for songbirds.

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    Hate it when that happens. Glad you got to see ELK -a-plenty, and did have a good safe trip. Going is going, but seeing is a better deal. Scoring will resume in the bottom of the 6th. gun)

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    Good pictures!