Used heavy bench/long-range hunting rifle for sale

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    Dec 15, 2006
    Purchased used in 1999.

    Caliber: .30-416 Rigby Ackley Improved (a/k/a .30 Cody Express);
    Action: Remington 721 Long or Magnum (I'm not certain), converted to single-shot--bolt face opened up and SAKO extractor installed.
    Barrel: K&P, 36" long, 1.25" O.D., unfluted. Twist rate 1-in-9", RHT.

    Rifle has a (presumably aftermarket) trigger of unknown manufacture, with a pull weight of approximately 2 ounces.

    The stock is a maple/walnut laminate, with a right-hand thumbhole and cheekpiece, and a rubber recoil pad. It appears to be weighted. There is very little drop at the comb, and both the fore-end and the bottom of the buttstock are flat, as well as being approximately 3 inches wide across the flat portion.

    All-up weight of the rifle, less 'scope and mount, is about 36 pounds. (Forty pounds with optics).

    Purchase price includes the following: ACE Case ballistic nylon carrying case; Dewey cleaning rod with patch jag; Bore guide; approximately 50 rounds of loaded ammunition; a box of unformed .416 Rigby brass; large quantity of moly-coated Sierra Match King and Game King bullets (50 or more of each, packaged separately); and a container of molybdenum disulfide powder.

    Scope: U.S. Optics SN-2-BRX-V (a discontinued model that is externally identical to the NON-T-PAL SN-3).
    Tube diameter: 35mm;
    Magnification: 10.5X --35X;
    Objective: 58mm, adjustable for focus and parallax;
    Reticle: Mil-Dot, illuminated (11-position rheostat);
    Adjustments: 1/50th M.O.A., W&E
    (This was a mistake on my part; when I bought the rifle, I had aspirations of being a long-range shooter, and didn't realize that the furthest that I'd be likely to shoot was approximately 400 yards; the adjustments are so fine that, between the scope and mount, I couldn't get the rifle to group at 100 yards; however, the folks at U.S. Optics assure me that changing the adjustments is possible).

    Accessories: Screw-Lock rings (35mm); screw-in lens covers (2 pairs--1 clear, 1 opaque), one pair blank turrets for custom loads.

    Base: USO extended Picatinney rail (on my rifle, it extends about 2" over the forward receiver ring), with 20-M.O.A. forward slope.

    'Scope purchased new in 2000.

    Asking $1500 for the rifle, $2000 for the scope, and $150 for the mount, if purchased separately. If purchased together, $3000.

    The rifle has only been to the range once since I bought it, and has been in storage for most of the time since then, except for occasional handling.

    Note: I lost my job in August, 2000, before I took delivery of the sight. The late Dr. Williams (John II) allowed me to complete the purchase by trading two other telescopic sights for it--a near-new Leupold Mark 4-M1 in 16X and a used USO SN-2 3.5X--10X (I think; I'm a little fuzzy on the details of the second 'scope). This was *after* an initial deposit of $1700.

    Thanks for looking.