Unfired GA Precision 7saum

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    May 9, 2011
    Custom built by GA Precision $4000.00 shipped

    I decided to change directions and build a 338 LM So, this one is for sale.

    GA precision custom chambered in 7mm Remington short action ultra mag
    GAP Templar action with 20 moa pic rail and pinned recoil lug
    Bartlien #4 contour 5R barrel 24" in length (light bull) threaded 5/8x24 at the muzzle
    Badger Thruster muzzle break
    Timmney trigger
    Manners MCS T2A adjustable cheek piece stock with GAP cammo color
    Badger Detachable box magazine
    Two magazines one 5 round and one ten.
    Cerecoted OD green
    100 pieces of new Nosler brass
    40 rounds of loaded Nosler factory ammunition
    Set of Forstner precision reloading dies

    The rifle weighs 10 lb 8 oz without optics and 14.2 with a March 5-40 FX and bipod

    Email for more pictures or make a deal.


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