"Ultimater" Tripod

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    Dec 2, 2007
    Item Is SOLD.!! Thanks fellas.!! I hope you all have a safe & enjoyable Christmas.!!

    David- Item shipped.. I'm on someone else's PC and can't access my email right now.. Gimme a call if ya have any questions.. d:^) Schneeky..

    .. Hey guys.. I apologize for registering just with the intent to sell an item, but I used to frequent this board ages ago and remember that it was mostly populated with some neat folks.. So since I'm doing more fishing than anything else and I'm not up in the hills glassing for varmints constantly I'd like to offer my "Ultimater Tripod" to someone who can use and enjoy it..

    .. Basically, it's the "Ultimate Tripod" with some modifications.. I ditched the old style legs for some that can be adjusted from any position and one-handed if needed and they're synthetic.. Slick and quiet.. I also scrapped the front rest and made a slidable standard pedestal base to replace it (1" post).. I used my same front rest top that I used at the bench.. It has a couple of holes for holding Leupold-sized scope caps.. There's also a little tray that holds scope caps and a few .308 sized cases.. I think Roy Darnell (Benchrest Central) ended up with the the others I had with magnum-sized case holes.. It comes with an OD canvas "wrap" I found at a surplus store that fits it good enough to make it "shoulderable"..

    .. Anyways, it's a great rest that was absolutely perfect for uneven terrain.. I have used it from the mountains of Tazewell County, W.Va. to the sandhills cut-overs of our hunt club.. I hope it can be of good service to someone who appreciates such things.. The locals just give me quizzical loooks when I mention this item..:rolleyes:

    .. I'll take $250 + actual shipping costs for it.. Since it's kindofa funky item I hoped the pics aren't too big of an affront to the mods.!! :) Please call 910.465.0001.. Thanks.!! d:^) Schneeky..

    Pics removed to conserve bandwidth..
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    This is a great item.