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    May 3, 2001
    I have two replies to letters to editors in magazines this month, both about my mentioning long range hunting in previous issues. One in North American Hunter and the other in Canadian Sportsman. Just shows that opposition to LRH is alive and well in Canada as well as the U.S. Only one letter to each mag that I am aware of so I guess that is pretty minimal reaction.

    Truth is this week we hunted in a CWD herd reduction area and shot some mulie does. Distances were all less than 300 yards, we take 'em as we see 'em. We also setup my steel deer and introduced a fellow to long range shooting.

    Have to admit that I enjoyed clanging that steel almost as much as killing the real thing. Heart shots at 600 yards are very challenging shooting, the heart is smaller than most guy's fist. Must be getting old, no gutting, no hauling out of coullees - just pull two pins to take off the heart and lungs, lift the critter off his stand and put him in the back of the pickup. Not just me, one of my shooting buddies said the same thing - we also beat on some rocks out at 600, some very small rocks. Combined with the steel deer I went through 65 rounds of ammo. Two were fired at mulies.

    The Obermyre (spelling?) barrel on the Crusader is amazing. I don't believe I have ever cleaned a barrel with so few patches and work. It is also a tack-driver. George Gardner built this rifle himself and he did a fine job.

    Only thing I am not sure about with the Crusader - the detachable magazine. Worry about losing it, despite the fact I have a spare back home in the gunvault. Nice to slap in four rounds but we cruise a lot and it has to be out of the receiver to be legal in a vehicle. I missplace things easily, so far have not lost the mag but nearly.