Two does down today....

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  1. netman

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    Aug 26, 2013
    Today was Indiana archery opener. Morning was nothing. Afternoon was live action. The first doe was feeding in winter wheat and ranged at 59 yds. Turned the Optimizer to 59 yds and made the shot. Shooting offhand the Ramcat hit a little high and spined the doe. She dropped in her tracks. Arrow passed through and later recovered approx 20 yds past the deer. Spine shattered.
    Second doe came along with others feeding in the winter wheat. She seen the first doe and worked her way to 31 yds. Ranged her set the Optimizer dial and pulled the trigger. Double lung shot. I could see blood blowing out as she ran back to the woods and crashed. Arrow recovered approx 50 yds past where the deer stood.
    First two with the Tac15 using the Ramcat broadhead sitting in my lawn chair.

  2. Mike K/NJ

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    Jun 7, 2006
    Netman, congrats on the two does. Post like this are always better with pictures.