Two 22-250's

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    Dec 22, 2011
    I have two rifles I am selling.

    The first one is a Custom Rifle built by Don Dobratz in Victoria Texas. It is based on a Winchester action, has a 26" Kreiger match bull barrel, B&C Varmint tactical stock in black web, 2 lb trigger. Rifle has had about 200 rounds through it. It has a Picatinny Rail mount with Burris Extreme tactical rings, and a Leupold 6.5-25 VXIII scope with VH reticule. This rifle cost me $3000 and I am selling entire rig for $2,100.

    I also have a nice Kimber 22-250 in Model 84 Varmit. The rifle has a 24" heavy fluted barrel, Laminated stock. It has a Kimber custom Picatinny rail ($125). Rifle sells for $1,000

    I have a custom rifle in and do not have room in the gun cabinet for any more so time to clear out some space.
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