Twisted scope base on fnar

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    Jan 22, 2011
    Just bought an fnh fnar, the scope base is twisted as you look down the base. Seems to be a known problem with these guns. I called fn and the guy was reluctant to admit this was even a problem. Said, "that's what the scope adjustments are for." I was kinda in shock of his ignorance but he did say I could send in the base and they would look at it. Remington would have just sent me a new one in my experiences. Anyways I am gunna try to straighten it best I can then bed the base to the action. My end goal is to be able to take my scope with tps rings off my 700 with tps base, which I know should be perfectly straight and screw it on this fn, re-zero and go shooting.
    What are yall's opinion on what I should do?