1. Blue mountain hunter

    Blue mountain hunter Active Member

    Jan 18, 2013
    When you get a custom turret cut from Leupold or huskemaw what is the + - on elevation and temperature swing? If you get 4000 ft for elevation will it swing say up or down 1000 ft.?
  2. 7magcreedmoor

    7magcreedmoor Well-Known Member

    May 23, 2012
    The answer depends on the load you are shooting. For example, my 6.5x284 requires no change for a shot 500 yards or less for a temp change smaller than 20 degrees, or an altitude change less than 1500 ft from the turret spec conditions. For shots at 800 yards, I need +/- 0.5 moa for each 20deg or 1500ft, shots at 1000yards need 1 moa for the same temp/alt change. I have this info taped on my rangefinder body when in the field for quick reference. Spend an hour or so with a ballistics program to evaluate the corrections for your load, write it on something waterproof that you carry in the field and you are good to go. If I were hunting at 8500 ft altitude and 40 degrees with my 7000ft/34deg turret, any shot inside 500 yards is direct dial because the difference is smaller than one click on my scope (Vortex Viper HSLR, 1/2moa turret click). A shot 800 yards out will need me to dial to 800yards, then down one click because of the higher altitude. A 1000 yard shot would need 2 clicks down from my 1000yard mark on the turret. If the weather was very chilly, at 14 degrees, the temp adjustment for the cold would offset part of the altitude adjustment: down two clicks for alt, up one for temp- net adjustment one click down and shoot. Of course I have left wind compensation out of all this. Your wind holds will also be affected, but to a smaller degree.