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    Hi to all

    I m fairly new to reloading and was wanting to know when tumbling cases how long do they need to left in the tumbler for. I assume to leave them till they are clean but is there something else i should look out for?
    Plus is there any sites people might know of on the net or books where i can get good info on precision handloading?

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    Oct 7, 2005

    Generally tumble until they are clean/shiny. If you tumble with the spent primers in place, the bad stuff (I think mercury) gets vibrated out into your media, so try not to breath the dust etc.

    As far as a good book on the fine details around precision handloading, I recommend the following book

    Zediker Publishing


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    Oct 8, 2007
    "...how long do they need to left in the tumbler..."

    It's results oriented, not science. Leave the brass in until you are satisfied.

    Glenn Zediker's "Handloading for Competion" and Precision Shooting's "The Benchrest Shooting Primer" are nice books but very advanced and each firmly focuses on specific types of competion. Perhaps a better choice for most handloaders is Precision Shooting's very excellant "Reloading Guide", meaning it's more balanced and a much easier to use book. (Less expensive too!)
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