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Discussion in 'West' started by BlackSS, Apr 25, 2011.

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    Jul 8, 2009
    Myself and a few friends are looking at putting together a hunting trip for the 2012 season.
    We are not looking for a trophy in particular, we are all non-residents and would be looking for an area with OTC tags, landowner tags, or at least a very good chance of drawing.
    We are also trying to keep costs down, so we are mostly looking at drop camps.
    Due to the distances involved, scouting and setting up our own camp is not really an option.
    We are all in TX, looking at CO and NM primarily, mostly to keep the drive time somewhat reasonable.
    Elk or Pronghorn would be the game of choice, but we're really up for just about anything.

    It does not seem that there are OTC antelope tags available. Is that correct?

    Can anyone recommend an outfitter that will set us up in a decent area? I know that drop camps are sometimes set off the game, while the good spots are reserved for guided hunts, so a personal recommendation would be great.