Trijicon ACOG / RMR Combinations Now In Stock

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    Nov 17, 2010
    For those of you looking for ACOGs you already know that the RMR combination sights have been impossible to find for the past 6 months due to an electronics component shortage. The good news is that we just received the following ACOG/RMRs in stock:

    $1,912.50 TA11JRMR 3.5x35 Illuminated Red-X Reticle .223 4.0 MOA RMR
    $1,742.50 TA31ECOSG 4x32 Illuminated Green X 223 4.0 MOA RMR, Brown
    $1,763.75 TA33GHRMR 3X30 Dual Illuminated GreenHorseShoe/Dot .223 4.0 MOA RMR
    $1,700.00 TA01NSNRMR 4x32 Center Illuminated Amber X-Reticle .223 4.0 MOA RMR
    $1,742.50 TA31FARM05 4X32 Amber Chevron .223 RM05 Dual Illum. 9.0 MOA RMR
    $1,878.50 TA31FRMR 4x32 Illuminated Red Chevron Reticle .223 4.0 MOA RMR
    $1,742.50 TA31HARM05 4X32 Amber HorseShoe/Dot .223 RM05 Dual Illum. 9.0 MOA RMR

    These are moving very fast so it's best to give me a call, or email me, if you want one.

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