Trajectory for Hevi-Shot Duck 2 ¾” 7.5s

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    May 24, 2011
    With the right choke diameter, Hevi-Shot Duck 7.5 2 ¾” shells should give your 12 gauge a killing pattern in the 40 to 50-yard range. It is a great option for hunters that don’t like the kick of traditional turkey loads or are limited to 2 ¾” shells. You can use the same choke diameters that work for Hevi-Shot, Winchester Xtended Range, Hevi-13, or ITX Extreme Turkey Trauma-13 loads. And these shells are smoking compared to the H-13 loads (1300 FPS) with a little over half of the recoil.


    10-Yard Zero___0_____0_____-2_____-4____-5_____-7 (inches)
    40-Yard Zero___1_____1______1_____0____-1_____-3
    45-Yard Zero___1_____2______2_____1_____0_____-2
    50-Yard Zero___2_____3______3_____2_____1_____0