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    Jun 22, 2007
    Hello guys, I have a very nice Savage 10 FP, 308 for sale or trade. Heres the specs

    24 inch heavy barrel
    SSS trigger set at 2 lbs, with no creep
    SSS bolt handle
    Bell and Carlson A2 tactical stock
    EGW 20 moa base
    Burris Extreme tactical rings
    Super Sniper 20x42 scope

    This rifle shot a 4 shot group today of 1 inch at 250 yards, Its a very nice rifle but Ive been shooting this type or rifle since I came home from the Military, So Ive decided to try a different path, I will sell it outright for 1100 shipped, of would trade, Im looking for Assualt type rifle
    AR15 in 223/556 or 308
    Maybe Kimber pistols
    Just let me know

    Thanks Scott

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