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    Aug 17, 2006
    A contributor to this forum told me that some members of LRH were lamenting the demise of a certain bore cleaner. He suggested that I post information on a bore cleaner that I developed for personal use. Last year when my hunting partner and brother-in-law retired, we decided to manufacture and market my concoction, something we named Warthog 1134™. It’s a chemical based copper solvent that will dissolve some tough bore fouling. Eight drops of Warthog on a patch works wonders with copper bore fouling. Warthog 1134™ is available on our web site at:

    That’s the only place you can get it. No decision yet on wholesaling Warthog. We aren’t a huge corporation and have no interest in becoming one. At least not to the point of interfering with our hunting and fishing. We’re two average hunters and shooters with a product that works very well.

    To introduce Warthog 1134™ to the shooters, we are giving away a Remington Model 700 CDL to one of the first 1,000 orders. Each bottle ordered enters your name in the drawing one time. Since it’s 2006 and the 30 06 is a hundred years old, we thought it appropriate to give away a 30 06. You can see a picture of the actual rifle on the carpet of my living room on the home page of our web site.

    We tested Warthog 1134™ against most of the leading bore cleaners on the market, including the cleaner that went belly up. Warthog 1134™ did a better and faster job of removing copper. But if you shoot machineguns or do some other shooting that really fouls your bore, in addition to Warthog 1134™, we have the ultimate cleaner available by special order only. We’ve worked out the manufacturing process and are adding up costs so we can set a fair price at a fair profit. We’re going to bottle the first of this product next week, or the week after, at the latest. It won’t be cheap. If any of you have ever worked with chemicals strong enough to dissolve copper welded to metal by high heat, pressure, and friction, you have an idea of the cost that goes into handling these chemicals. But if you put 400 to 500 rounds through a rifle in a single day of dog shooting, or if you are in law enforcement and shoot and clean full auto firearms, this is the stuff you need. We plan to do small production runs of this product to keep our inventory low so we don’t run afoul of any state or federal chemical storage regulations. That adds to cost. There is a silver living: You will use less of this product than the product you are using now. To test it, I’ve cleaned my regularly fouled bore with the Super Stuff. One patch, at the most two, and the bore is squeaky clean. That’s 8 to 16 drops of the product as opposed to several ounces of commercial products I’ve used, if they worked at all, and most cleaners on the market remove carbon fouling, but won’t touch copper. I read one review of a popular copper “solvent”. The guy highly recommended the solvent. He said fill your barrel, leave it for 24 hours, dump, patch, repeat, and in 2 to 3 days, your bore is clean. That quick?

    Details on us, our company, and Warthog 1134™, are on our web site. I’m the Web Master and I need reading glasses, so I made the words large and easy to read. I’ll be adding information on the more Potent Stuff after we get the Stuff bottled; Stuff for now, because we haven’t officially named it.

    Thanks for you attention. Our products will fill the void and then some.

    Forgot this: Warthog 1134™ will not harm your bore, if you follow the instructions. But you must follow the instructions.

    Roger Kaseman, Drift Prairies Enterprises, LLC