To restock or not to restock..I dont know the answer- need advise

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    Feb 19, 2012
    My friend just purchased a Savage model 10 FP-SR in .308. The first thing I noticed about the rifle is the factory stock that came with it. Much different than the ones that come with the M12s and M11s. Double swivel studs on the for end, beaver tail for end, and much stiffer than the savage stocks than I am used to. While there is some flex in the stock (not much), it absolutely does not touch the barrel when he is set up in any shooting position and/ or when loading the bipod.

    The barrel was broke in well today and it shoots quite well with factory 168gr Match loads. We were just under MOA at 501yds and well under MOA any closer than that.

    The weapon is topped with a SWFA super sniper scope (10x) and rides on a Harris 6-9” swivel bipod. 22" bull barrel. Accu trigger breaks clean and consistently at 1.5/ 1.75lbs I plan on working up loads with some 175gr SMKs soon.

    He wants to take this gun to 1000yds. No match shooting or big game hunting. Shooting MOA and minute of man size steel only. He asked my opinion of the current stock on the weapon and if it would take him to 1K. He said the stock felt good but he wanted to put a cheek piece on it. I agreed. He asked if it was worth the money to put a Bell and Carlson medalist tactical/ varmint stock on it or if he should leave it as is. Seeing how I am also new to the 1K game, I really don’t know the answer to this. So, what do you guys think? And I mean think based on what HE wants to do with the rifle…LOL.
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    Jan 16, 2008
    If the stock is a pure synthetic and does not have an aluminum bedding block in it, then put a new stock on the rifle and have the action bedded into the new stock. Generally speaking, factory synethetic stocks are glorified tupperware.