to go custom action or to work a stock action

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  1. bigrich954rr

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    Oct 30, 2004
    looking to build a custom gun. i like the look of a custom action but not for the price is it better than a rem action true up or not that much of a diff what im asking is it worth the price or will it make a big difference because it doesnt look that good just for the price
  2. distantfoe

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    May 13, 2005
    Having built on both custom actions and rem actions,I can't say that I've seen much difference in accuracy with good load developement. Accuracy aside, if you decide to sell a custom action gun you'll get more of your money back out of it as to compared to a trued factory action.

  3. daveosok

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    It takes a butt load more work to get a rem 700 action to the specs of a custom action.
    Bolt bore concentricity, bolt face squareness, outside dia concentricity, squared bolt lugs, square action face, and overall fit and finally barrel tennon threads in the action squared and concentric to the action.
    This requires numerous set-ups and loads of man hours.
    A custom action say from Bat, Stolle, Nesika Bay, Geske, Banard all come this way without the need for modifications.
    You'll never truly get a rem 700 to match the quality of a custom action but you may get it to shoot as good as a custom action. Many shooting matches have been won by accurized rem 700 actions.
  4. Guest

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    BigRich, all my buddies out here have either custom actions or trued up rem actions. Both shoot great. Ego may play a big part of your decision.

    I personally looked at both options before going with a Sendero and having a local gunsmith work on the action and trigger for me. I liked the stock and barrel on the Sendero without the $$$.

    I figured if it didn't shoot the way I wanted, I would just put a match barrel on it. So far no complaints so I converted my barrel money to beer money!
  5. wildcat

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    Jul 16, 2005
    If you can afford a custom action, get one!!!!! You will love it. I use BAT actions and nothing compares to these works of art. Goodluck, Wildcat.
  6. Mysticplayer

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    Jul 27, 2001
    Unless you are going all the way to put together a match quality rifle, the factory action will be just as accurate. Now a custom action will function much nicer. Smoother, tighter which gives the perception of performance.

    However, I have played with many commercial and surplus actions and have had no issue getting these rifles to shoot as low as the 1's. That's average group, not best group.

    My basic standard is 5 rds in 1" at 250yds (1/3MOA). Then capable of hitting clays at 700yds (roughly 2/3MOA). Then a MOA size gong at 1000yds if the cartridge/bullet is big enough to warrant shooting that far.

    That will not win you many BR matches but certainly bring home the venison.

    The key was the barrel and how well the chamber was cut. Then there is how well the stock is designed, bedded and trigger set up. From there load development and optics. Garbage in, garbage out.

    So if you want to drive them into one hole that you need calipers to measure, and have some extra cash, go custom. At the BR level, it can make a difference.

    For LR hunting and varminting, the weakest link is the bullet we feed these rigs to function on game. There are no hunting bullets that can shoot below the 1's. Most will not shoot below 1/3MOA. I have read one really big name bullet was only QC'ed to 1.5MOA (that has sinced changed but...). You will see no benefit in using a custom action here. Except the Bling factor.

    In fact, none of my actions were trued and all that other BR stuff. They still shot very, very well..for a LR hunting rifle.