Timney trigger for Ruger 77mkII

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  1. James Jones

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    Jul 1, 2002
    I just installed one of these kits in a Ruger 77mkII in 270 for a fella and I have to say for $70 it makes one hell of an improvement. The kit comes with a new trigger thats adjust for pull weight and over travel , a new sear that adjust for creep and a new light weight spring , the whole thing is very easy to install needing only minor filing of the saftey button and some wood removed from the stock for clearance.
    The factory trigger was awfull , ranging from 5.75lbs to 7lbs and miles of creep and over travel. The customer wanted a clean crisp 3-4lb trigger and with using the factory spring I was able to get a consistant 3lb trigger with only a one or two once vairance. I went ahead and tried the light weight supplyed spring and was able to get a safe consistant 1.5lb and 2lb trigger.

    all in all I would highly reccommend this kit for anybody that has a Ruger rifle or anybody that works on them their only $66 from Brownells at dealer cost and actual time invested is under an hour.

    Well now all thats left is bedding the action and floating the barrel , and what a joy that is with the crooked ass front screw!!
    Next report will be on the precut bedding pillers from Brownells , stay tuned
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    Jun 12, 2004

    I have fitted alot of these triggers to Ruger MkII M77s as well and for the most part have been very impressed. I did get two that had rounded edges and would allow the sear to drop during impact testing. THis is not terribly uncommon with the loose fit of the Ruger triggers anyway but these two were not safe to sent out to customers and had to be replaced. Other then that I have also been impressed with these triggers.

    Have fun with that angled front pillar!!!

    Kirby Allen(50)