Tikka Custom 6.5x47, Manners, cdi ready to rock

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    Feb 14, 2008
    Well I recently took a few rifles in trade from and buddy and sadly i can't afford to keep them all. As much as i would like to keep this one, i just don't have time/money to feed too many extra rifles. This rifle was built to be a great all around rifle with a fluted tikka varmint contour barrel it is heavy enough for tactical match shooting and light enough to take hunting. This rifle is a tac driver with 123 amax and scenars (load to be provided to buyer). Rifle has 275rds through it which isn't much over break in period for it and this is reliable number because i am good buddies with the previous owner and his rifle a.d.d. is every bit as bad as mine. Barreled action was built by benchmark barrels and all the stock work was done by manners stocks.

    Rifle specs

    Manners T4
    3-flush cups
    krg stainless lug bedded
    machined pillars
    CDI dbm with 5rd mag

    Tikka T3 action
    8 twist 24" fluted benchmark barrel
    egw hd 20moa base
    hinterland bolt shroud and oversized bolt handle
    Jard Trigger


    $2250 obo

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