Tiger Stripes Dial in Part 3b

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    Jun 12, 2001
    I guess Kirby thought I kept a brick handy all of the time or else he would have given me one with the gun.

    I decided that I might find a bear that would be too far away for the 308 to reach so I should dial in Tiger Stripes being as the weather was good and I had been making a big racket with the chainsaw all morning anyway.

    I shot once and missed the whole oatmeal box. I shot again and missed again. Being mystified by this I decided I needed a bigger target so I spent some time and fixed my up a nice target. I got it all set up and was a bout to shoot again when I looked at the knobs on the NF. Up 6.0 MOA and left 3.0 MOA? What fool would forget to reset their scope back to zero after shooting a Quantico? Why wouldn’t any intelligent person look at their dials before shooting No wonder I couldn’t hit the oatmeal box. I had no brick so I had to look a round and find a good rock to hit myself upside the head a few times.

    Having cleared my thoughts a little with the rock, I took out the 6.0 MOA of up and left in the 3.0 MOA of left windage and fired. OK! Now we are on paper and 3 inches left. I took out the 3.0 of left and the scope dials were now “0” and “0”. As is my habit, I aimed at the very corner of the square. Bingo, now we are cooking with gas! With my corner shot out I decided to aim center of mass of the blue square and got everything bisected with the cross hairs and let her fly one more time.

    I am truly amazed at the stability of this rifle. It was zeroed at Quantico back in July and the knobs adjusted with the star wrench to zero. It has traveled 3000 miles in the back of my truck and bounced around all over Wyoming while I chased antelope and here it is still perfectly zeroed and ready to hunt (of course one should look at the dials before shooting because some of us have trouble remembering to reset them back to zero).

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    Jan 20, 2004
    That is perzakly precisely why I can't bring myself to click.:eek: I'm ready to but just haven't kicked the old habit. Guess I'll have to when it comes to shoot little thinks like yotes.

    Jeeze, ya gotta hate those weekend campers. Shootin and chain saws.:mad: All ya need is a barkin' dog.:rolleyes: :D:D

    The Big Girl is as ready to go as I can get her. 1210 yds right at 5.0 Mils or 17.1 MOA. That's for a 169.7gr RBBT @ 3300 @ 4450' BC=0.75 33% and 25.65"Hg

    PS: I'll bring some gookempukky for that foot.