thoughts on 338 Lapua and 300RUM

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  1. reinwood

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    Aug 20, 2007

    I am in the process to put a new barrel on one of my rifle (a bold action Mauser 66s) and not yet sure of which direction I want to go.
    I am not yet handloading as I just cannot dedicate time to this now (but plan in 18+ months)
    So I must rely on factory ammo (Remington, Lapua, Ruag, etc.)
    I want to be able to shoot longrange.
    I hunt in Europe and equivalent game are Elk, mule deer, antilopes, wild hog.
    I have mainly two ideas:

    -300 RUM: I like the ballistic. I like also the power level ammo idea. Some argue they don't understand why to shoot equivalent of 30-06 in such a gun/case. For me it is quite obvious, a mule deer at 150 yards does not require a 180gr at >3300 fps! I dont like to have too much meat damage if not necessary. Have some of you experience the power level ammo? the accuracy is just marketing advertisment or more less true? for the barrel 26''?

    - 338 Lapua: I like the balistic and like the potential heavier bullets. I could use full metal jacket for smaller game to avoid to much damages. I wouls as weel have longer range opportunity. barrel would be 27-28''

    In terms of recoil I guess the two are quite the same.
    Not sure about the groupment potential of the two caliber, 300 RUM sounds like mor hot and thus more prone to large groupment.

    some hints or comments would be appeciated.
  2. P KUNDA

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    Feb 2, 2008
    .300RUM will shoot a MOA and better


  3. liftman

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    Apr 4, 2008
    300 Rum

    The 300 ultra, is a great ticket. I purchased a basic 700 SS, 4 years ago.
    With 93 grains of RL 25, and 180 Accubonds, It shoots 3350 fps. at
    900ft elevation. I had a 500yd range my home, with a 6.5 x 20 ziess.It shoots 1.25" groups at 500 yds. Yes I have other rifles, many but none shoot this good...

    I have taken a 32" mulie at 480
    a ....... 15.5" antelope at 415
    a .........6x6 358 bull elk at 707
    a ........ 357 Mt. Caribou at 528
    a .. 50" long time moose at 485

    all dropping in their tracks. However I do shoot high shoulder..

    The best part is I have it all on video, with my guides, screaming...
    great shot....

  4. sniperVLS

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    Feb 17, 2005
    Any way to get those videos posted here? I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd like to see it! .300rum is a beast, plain and simple.
  5. Kalashnikov

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    Mar 6, 2006
    I have two 300 RUM's - a sendero with brake and a BDL bedded into a Bansners stock with no brake (mountain hunting rifle). I have been extremely impressed with the accuracy (RL25) and flat trajectory of the 180 gr Accubonds to 800 yards. I am currently testing 208 A-Max in the sendero, so will know more on the performance of the heavier bullets soon. Recoil is 'healthy', but manageable. I believe the 300 RUM will serve 99% of LR shooters very well.

    I have just received one of the new 700P 338 Lapua's and am currently sourcing components (using 250 gr scenars) to start loading and playing with this caliber. Although I understand the short"er" barrel may introduce some limitations to the Lap, I should soon have a good idea how it compares to the 300 RUM performace in general. I look forward to the longer barrel life of the Lap.
  6. älg

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    Oct 19, 2004

    if you are not reloading, the 300 rum is a better choice- I dont know whereabouts ion EUrope you are but usually you will have more chances of buying 300 rum hunting ammunition thsn 338 lapua hunting ammo.- and 300 rum will normally be cheaper.

    What distances are you thinking of shooting? what is the biggest animal you will shoot at long range ?? I reckon it may be red deer, since I do not think you may have too many chances at LR moose in wooded areas.

    And for red deer, the 300 RUm should suffice.-

    If you are going to shoot over say 800 or more meters, maybe the 338 lapua will have an edge but consider using ther 300 SMk for that. I think ( I havent raun the math) the 225 accubonds dont have high BC as to be over the 300 rum with the 200 accubonds except energy wise. The 208 max seems a good choice for the 300 rum with BC on the high .6

    The 338 lapua will surely kick more also. You will normally need a heavier rifle to shoot comfortably, and a longer barrel to use all its potential.

    With that said, for really long range the 338 lapua is better.