"The Roadrunner"

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    Apr 3, 2005
    Well, I've put together a new toy and I'm calling it "The Roadrunner" because he always beat the "Wile E. Coyote". It's a Bushmaster Special Varminter AR15 (flat-top, 24" stainless 1:9 free floated barrel) topped with a Burris Signature Select 3-12x 44mm w/ their "Bullet Drop Reticle".

    I did my homework ahead of time before I picked this scope. With Federal 69gr Sierra MatchKings it is almost exactly the same as the drop reticle in the scope out to 500 yards. And the nice thing about it being 3-12x is that 3x is great for light gathering & running shots, and 12x is enough magnification for the long shots.

    I took it to the range this weekend with a wide assortment of factory ammo to finish breaking the barrel in, and to see what kind of groups it could hold.

    Remington Premier Match 62gr Hollow Point:
    After four 3-round groups (with a fouling shot on a separate target after cleaning between groups), the 3-round groups averaged right at 1". My fouling shots after cleaning, on the other hand, were under 3/4".

    Black Hills 68gr Match Hollow Point:
    Don't ask, don't tell. They were 2-3" groups with no pattern.

    Black Hills 69gr Sierra Match Kings:
    Three 3-round groups went under 3/4" and the fouling shots were right at 3/4" with the same point of impact as my groups. It was actually four groups, but I discarded one group due to shooter error (even though 2 of the 3 holes were touching).

    Hornady Match 75gr Boat-Tail Hollow Point:
    Three 3-round groups just under 3/4", and one 3-round group was .390"

    Federal Gold Medal Match 69Gr Sierra MatchKings:
    Seven 3-round groups averaged .542" with no group larger than .824" and two of the groups were .230" and .419" respectively.

    The preceding groups were shot off of the bench using a bipod and a rear bag. Who said an AR15 couldn't group. Granted, it's not a benchrest rifle, but then again it was never intended to be.

    Well, I'd better go. Just thought I would share some info. I'll try to get pic's (I've got it all camo painted, and I've made some rifle ghillie for it with velcro straps).