The new girl is ready to dance!!

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    Jan 16, 2002
    She's all ready to go but now the weather has turned nasty...aarrghhh!! Just got this new Model 7 about a week ago. It's chambered in 7mm SAUM...she's all scrubbed and dressed to play. It's wearing steel Warne bases, Burris Signature rings and a 12X Loopy w/ 1/8 min dot.

    I did a little work on the bore w/ JB and Shooters Choice to get it squeaky clean. Loaded some break-in loads w/ an old lot of H380 and 139g Hornady BTSP. Plan on doing the shoot one and clean method. So far I've fired two rounds from the front porch and the copper has cleaned up really quick after each shot. The 380 is leaving some ugly fouling but I'm still only using two patches with Sweets (w/ a dry patch in between) then two with SC and it is clean. After the second cleaning I left the bore wet w/ SC for a couple hours to see if I missed any "blue" hidden under some powder fouling. The patch came out perfectly clean...I'm very happy for this being a factory barrel!!