The NEW CheyTac - alive and well!

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    Aug 11, 2009
    This morning I received a call from Dave (Mac) McCutcheon, CEO of CheyTac USA LLC, the NEW Cheytac (CheyTac home page). He was responding to inquiries I had made a while back when I had first seen forum posts indicating CheyTac was back from the dead. Suffice it to say, YES, the NEW CheyTac is not only back from the dead but very much alive and well!

    I had posed a series of questions (previously) to Darryl Miller, their Director of Armament and Training. Mac responded to those as noted below – they were basically confirming, clarifying, and amplifying what I had discussed with Darryl. Specifically:

    Q1. How “new” is the company?

    A1. Completely restructured company with ALL new personnel (almost all retired military with very deep weapons system experience) and a new facility.

    Q2. Are all rifles shown on the current site available for sale at this time?

    A2. Yes, including the M4 (5.56 caliber - pic on their site but no details as of yet – details coming soon).

    Q3. Are CheyTac products also sold through third parties?

    A3. NO! All sales are direct.

    Q4. Will you be selling system components stand alone, e.g., actions, barrels, etc.?

    A4. YES, available now! Info on the web soon.

    Q5. Jamison, a previously CheyTac-affiliated company providing, among other products, CheyTac brass and projectiles, is no longer in business. What ammunition components will be available from the NEW CheyTac?

    A5. Brass, projectiles, and loaded ammo. Available NOW!

    Q6. Any “new” products for the ELR community on the horizon?

    A6. YES! The focus will be on new chassis and adaptation to third party chassis (I specifically asked and Darryl Miller – in the same phone conversation - confirmed those third party chassis systems include ones from AI and Cadex Defense). And, beyond ELR…a PISTOL!

    Q7. On the ELR training side, I understand you have nine (9) ranges, going out to as far as 4000 (four thousand) meters. Is that correct?

    A7. YES, available for class booking now.

    Time will tell how the New CheyTac fares. I wish them well.

    If others have had hands-on with the New crew, please post your experiences.
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    Jul 20, 2011
    Curious.....where did they go?

  3. ELR Researcher

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    Aug 11, 2009
    C O Shooter:

    Since you didn't specify which "they":

    The Old crew - no idea. Possibly others know.

    The New crew - their location (as noted on their website - contact page) is:

    CheyTac USA LLC
    541 Hazel Ave
    Nashville, Ga. 31639