The Never-Never-Land Approach to Preditor Control

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    May 21, 2008
    I just saw this headline on my msnbc...

    "Still no easy way to control coyotes"

    An article about trying to find non-lethal means to control coyotes... it just makes you shake your head. Were these people asleep in biology class whent the birds and the bees were beiing discussed? Do they not know that animals breed at rates that exceed normal natural death cycles and their populations if not controled through letahl means are controled by natural leathal means such as disease, starvation and internal speciecide?

    It's just hard to comprehend the lala land mentality of "dont hurt the animals". Find another way to control them until they are just running all over the place. They will spend millions of $$$$ trying not to do exactley what must be done. Onr of their idiotic ideas is using wolf urine to scare the little darling yotes off. Where in the world and how much does it cost to get wolf urine??? Another ploy to increase wolf populations no doubt so we have yet another out of control preditor.

    Just had to vent a little....

    Dont read this if you have high blood pressure.


    Controlling wily coyotes? Still no easy answers - Environment-
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    Jan 16, 2007
    This reminds me of the way they control the elk herds in the rocky mountain national park. They would rather poison them then allow hunters to shoot them and supply meat to there family. Is there really human beings out there that think like this? I'm all for proper management but give me a break. Let's see there's too many elk let's poison them and let them rot. Or maybe the country is in a major depression and people could use the free meat. It's a real no brainer.

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    Mar 23, 2005
    I am truly amazed how some people cannot seem to grasp and accept the simple realities of nature. The most merciful death any wild animal might suffer is from a bullet! Otherwise they will die from, predation (most likely partialy eaten alive), exposure, or starvation. That's pretty much it! There is no easy way out! There is no comfortable bed surrounded by loved ones!

    Not only can they not grasp these realities, they value human life (of hunters at least) infinetely below animal life. Beyond silly...