The Leaves Are Falling

Discussion in 'Northeast' started by Kevin Cram, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. Kevin Cram

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    Mar 9, 2004
    The leaves are falling!! The leaves are falling!! I drive by one of my local long range spots everyday and noticed within the past few days I can see the ground through the tree limbs. It won't be long now untill all the leaves are off and we can get out and do some serious glassing. I'm going to head to our cabin next week and see if enough leaves are off to try some scout glassing and maybe for a long range turkey.
    Two weeks and a couple days and it will be bear season here in PA. I hope this year is better than last. Last year we had 7" of snow for the first day but the leaves hadn't all come down and the snow was wet so it hung in the trees, to top all that we had fog and couldn't see more than 100 yards. We crossed 3 sets of tracks on the way into our location but couldn't see the hill we wanted to hunt. The second day it rained and more fog. The third day it was nice but still too many leaves in the trees. We saw one bear the last day but lost him behind some leaves and never seen him the rest of the day. Never heard a shot within ear range in 3 days. 2007 was the first year since 1998 that someone from our cabin hasn't at least got a long range shot at a bear. Hopefully the bears got bigger and we'll have a productive year in 2008. Good luck this year to all the long range hunters!!