The Competitive AR15: BUILDERS GUIDE

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    May 24, 2009
    I'm always looking to expand my library and I picked up Glen Zediker's book "The Competitive AR15: Builder's Guide." Its a real nice piece for anyone that is new to the black rifles and wishes to assemble their own AR platform rifle. This book is pretty in depth taking you from assembling stripped lowers and uppers to full completion. The book does contain chapters on NRA/CMP Service, Carbine and NRA Match Rifle part selection and step by step instructions. Also covered is trigger install on Jewel and Geiselle triggers and you will get to see how to fully assemble a bolt carrier group and bolt. I do own several of Zediker's books and have always found his explanations and tips very helpful. The back of the book contains a drawing of all the pins so if you get some mixed up, you can match them up by size on the sheet and be able to identify them. A list of sources for parts are listed including tools for those new to looking for good AR15 parts. Its worth a serious look.

    I got my copy here:
    Zediker Publishing