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    Jan 31, 2011
    Around 1973, I purchased an Eddie Bauer Heavy Duty Bag. Cost was around $350. 4 lbs goose down insulation. Rectangular, not a mummy bag. Green cotton outer cover. "Rip stop" nylon inner lining. It had little loops around the bag, with velcro tabs every few inches to hold the removable flannel bag liner.
    It came with a "stuff bag." to keep it in.

    When new and unrolled, it stood around 7 inches thick, due to the "loft." 39 years later, it has turned into a raggedy quilt, but is still doing duty on my bed.

    Today, such a bag, adjusted for inflation, might cost 6 to 8 times its 1973 price! Eddie Bauer, if still extant, most likely does not make a bag anywhere near like this.

    QUESTION: Does anyone make a bag like this today?
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    Try A Wiggys FTRS bag. Completely made in Colorado USA. Absolutely the best bag I have ever owned. Extremely roomy. Wicks moisture away from your body and you stay warm even on the coldest nights. All my hunting buddies have them as well and they all say the same thing. "Best and last bag they will ever buy".
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    I still have my Army issue goose down Mountain bag with removable cover. Still works great.