Thanks for a great year!!!!

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    Apr 5, 2008
    I want to thank this site and all the people who are so free willing to give such great information to help beginners like myself become a better shooter. I harvested one buck and four does this year.


    doe 725yds.
    doe 605yds.
    Buck(140's) 325yds.
    doe 320yds.
    doe 422yds.

    I especially want to thank Nathan Dagley (308 nate) for building such a fine firearm, teaching me as much as he has, and being such a great friend. Two deer were harvested at the same time when I shot my doe at 605yd. Nate havested one in the 670yd range. Nate I will fondly remember the day we hunted together, the size means nothing to me but the experience is everything.