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    Dec 26, 2009
    I ordered a custom turret from them a couple weeks ago and I got it today, put it on my scope and tested against my ballistics program and WAY off. 5 clicks off at 1000 everything printed on the turret was right so what was the deal? i re checked my inputs and same results... SO i called leupold told them what was going on he punched the numbers in his ballistics program and it matched what they printed on my turret. i told him i use several ballistic programs and have proven the drops in the field. he simply gave me an email address told me to tell that person about our convo and reference my order number and to just supply my drop chart that I use and they will cut me a turret that matches my supplied drops free of charge.

    Very easy to deal with as always. And this would explain why I hear report of Leupolds turrets sucking. Something is wrong with the program they use apparently because my results mirror those I have heard about. So if you want a turret from leupold be sure you send them your own drop charts. BTW my turret looks awesome they did 3 rows which gits me out past 1400 yards and its not confusing at all very easy to read.
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    Post a pic of your turret if you get a chance