Texas man hits 1 MOA target at 2.07 miles

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    Mac from Cheytac asked me to post this video and press-release regarding some long shots using one of his rifles.

    [ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-rqvPWDUvU&list=UU4pKEORK1hkHWKhFUFIpngg"]WU ELR Masters I - April 14-16, 2014 - YouTube[/ame]

    RATON, NM -- Billy Carter, a native of Spring, Texas, hit a 1 MOA target from a distance of 2.07 miles at the NRA Whittington U Long Distance Range last week. Carter improved the accuracy of his 2013 record, shooting a CheyTac USA M200 Intervention® chambered in .375 CheyTac topped with a Vortex Razor HD Gen1 scope.

    "Every time you pull a trigger on a gun, you get more accurate with it," Carter said. "This time I hope we've polished off some of the myth surrounding last year's shot. I really don't think anything is impossible at this point."

    Carter, who grew up in Houston, began working at an early age on his father's gun range. Carter's Country, now a 50 year staple in the shooting sports community, services an average 5,000 shooters monthly and performs thousands of sight-ins just before hunting season every year.

    "I'm not a military trained marksman and definitely not an expert," Carter relates, "but I have had 40 or more years pulling triggers on all kinds of guns. I've learned to get a feel for each gun and its trigger, which aides in the ability to shoot long distance accurately."

    In early 2012 Carter, along with friends Jim Elmore, Bruce Mansur, and Gerald Guzman took their rifle-shooting hobby to a new level at the McMillan long range facility in Arizona. The group first felt the thrill of long distance shooting when they attended the NRA Wittington U Extreme Long Range program the following year.

    Sights set on the longest distance possible, Carter dug into what had already been done in long range shooting. The answer being: not much. He partnered with CheyTac USA, LLC., and happened upon a gun and a caliber that could go the distance.
    Developed to overcome the shortcomings of .50 caliber rifles, CheyTac USA chambered their M200 Intervention® in a necked-down .408 round called .375 CheyTac. “It shoots further, hits harder and is far more accurate than the .50 caliber,” said Dave McCutcheon, President of CheyTac USA.

    Though never tested at such extreme distances, the .375 CheyTac’s velocity at shorter distances had Carter and McCutcheon confident the 350 grain .375 CheyTac USA Balanced Flight Projectile® would perform. Perform it did! April 2013 saw Carter hit the never before offered 4 MOA target at 2.07 miles.

    One year later, flying into a snow-covered Raton, New Mexico, the team was less than enthusiastic about their chances at reengaging the 2.07 mile target. Carter took three guns to Whittington U’s Long Distance Range: Two CheyTac USA M200 Intervention® rifles, the .375 CheyTac from 2013 and a new .408 CheyTac. The third was a McMillan TAC416 in .416 Barrett. Using techniques gained from NRA Instructor Jon Weiler and his previous experience, Carter stepped the .408 CheyTac and the McMillan TAC416 up to the coveted 2.07 miles.

    Carter warmed up at 500 yards Sunday. The following Monday he shot targets up to 1200 yards, and 2500 yards Tuesday. Finally, on Wednesday the team set up to engage 3650 yard targets – 2.07 miles. Confirming hits on the 4 MOA target, Carter called for the 1 MOA target. With a string of eight shots, Carter dialed in the .375 CheyTac and connected twice with the 3 ft x 3 ft target. Velocity on impact was 1100 ft/s, signaling that not only accuracy was possible at long distance but also effectiveness.

    “These engagements by Billy are stepping stones into the future,” McCutcheon said. “He continues to propel CheyTac USA forward. Some very near changes in both firearms technology in new ammunition changes will allow Billy to shoot more accurately at even longer distances.”

    For all questions | vanessa@carterscountry.net | 281.443.8393
    For Carter’s Country | carterscountry.net
    For the M200 Intervention® Rifle | cheytac.com
    For NRA Whittington U | nrawc.org
    For Jon Weiler | professionalmarksmen.com
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    Thanks for posting very nice shooting and good info.

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    Fantastic! and at 36" the target is actually slightly smaller than 1moa as 1moa at 3650 yards would be 38.22"
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    Have to admit, this video was sub-par. I understand the difficulties in filming at 2+ miles; however, this could have been done better.

    No disrespect to the shooters, hitting that target is something to be proud of. Excellent marksmanship.
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    Great shooting. I was out yesterday with my .375 /408 Allen mag and grouped about 12" at 2200 yds. Found a spot to go o 2700. My question is what are you doing about when your scope runs out of adjustable range? Mine is zeroed at 400 yds. Any body using micrometer type bases and if so any info about them?
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    Jan 16, 2008
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    There is no way the bullet velocity at 3650yds is 1100fps.
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    Thanks for posting!
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    Great video BTW.

    Hows things out your way? Long time, no talk to.....
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    That is so darn cool!
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    Awesome video! Thanks for taking the time to make it.
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    Wish they would have shown a better pictures/larger pictures of the target of the targets.

    I'm still more impressed with 115vld's 2mile shot on that little piece of tin you could clearly see he hit it and I believe he said he got it in 3 shots!!!