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    I would like to go hog hunting in Texas sometime in the near future and was wondering if there was anyone in Texas who could give me some info on where the best hunting is or where to start looking.
    I have family in Tyler and the Dallas/ Fort Worth area and would like to make it a combo vacation next year.
    Wayne aka WAMBO
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    Nov 13, 2005
    Most of the hog hunting is south of Tyler starting about Taylor. I think you can call the co-op and get a few farmers that have problems with them to let you hunt there very reasonable. Sorry I do not know anybody directley.
    We went one year down there to get rid of them for a guy with a helicoper we flew around an shot them from the air about 40 in a day. The farmer paid us to do this at a rate of 400.00 an hour. This proves there is a serious problem with the hogs so give the CO-OP a try. It can't hurt to make a call or two.


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    Thank you for the info, I'll give that a look.
    Wayne aka WAMBO
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    Feb 7, 2005
    E-mail sent.