Ted Nugent's comments at NRA St. Louis

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    Dec 12, 2011
    For me, being a member of the NRA and a proponent of the Second Amendment I'm on the fence about Ted Nugent's commentary at the NRA convention in St. Louis.

    I realize that there is an always underlying current from the Obama Administration that their view of gun ownership by civillians should be curtailed, not that it would ever occur (hopefully).

    The other night I received ALL the video's of the keynote speakers at the convention in my NRA on-line newsletter and I watched them all....

    Other than Ted, none of the speakers was nearly as brash or made direct reference to Obama, the Supreme Court Justices or anyone else in government other than the unifying statement that members shoud unite with the NRA and vote Obama out of office.

    I take that as meaning I should as an NRA member, vote for Rommney, but I have as many reservations about Rommney as I do with Obama.

    It has also been reported (on the news) that Nugent's comments are being scrutinized by the secret service and in my opinion, after listening to the entire commentary by Nugent, I can understand why. In today's political climate, a person, especially a media person like Nugent, really should not make such comments without fear of reprisal.

    My opinions and views are of course, my own but I'd sure like to hear what others feel about it.