tags how dose it work

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    Jun 28, 2006
    i hear you all talking about you need tags to shoot an animal in north america can someone explain to me how the system works also how many animals are you each allowed to harvest per year on average.
    we are lucky in the uk we just shoot what we want provided it is in season no limits nothing just personal judgement.thanks
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    Dec 30, 2006
    Yes, here in the U.S. most, if not all, states require a hunter to have "tags" for each species of big game (including wild turkey) that they intend to hunt. The number of tags issued depends upon the state and local animal populations. Here in North Carolina, we are issued 6 tags for whitetail deer, 2 for wild boar, 2 for turkey, 1 for bear, etc. - they are issued to resident hunters at the beginning of the season and no additional tags can be purchased. Other states are different and you can purchase additional tags during the season, depending upon how the statewide harvest is going.

    The term "tags" arises from the practice of actually affixing a paper (or Tyvek) tag to the animal's antler or ear upon harvest, noting the date the animal was taken. Here in North Carolina, you used to have to do this before the animal was moved from the site of the kill - now we're allowed to mark the tag in the field and report the kill via the internet after we return home from the hunt - it's no longer required that we actually affix the tag to the animal (at least for deer - I'm not sure about the other species - I don't think it matters as long as the tag is marked).

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    Nov 26, 2005
    yeah, there is over the counter tags and special draw tags where you have to go into a lottery system.
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    Jul 27, 2006
    Hi Roe,

    I'm from Alberta, Canada, and here we have a interesting TAG SYSTEM.

    The hunting season is starting in April 1 - May15/June30 for Black Bear, up in Nord 1000km from calgary you can hunt bear till june 30.
    For this you don;t need a draw system, just go to WallMart, Canadian Tire and got Your TAG ($15.00).
    In some area you can get just one Bear, and for the supplementar one you have to go in another areas. The supplementar one is another 15.00.

    The second part of hunting season is starting in Sept - Jan/Feb 15 and Here you can get FREE without a special application, some of the Games. For other you have to apply years to get a draw, and for another you just apply and get them in every year.
    For a Bull Moose - close to Calgary 200km you have to apply in some areas WMU till 5-6 years in row to get one tag.
    But if you apply for the same BULL MOOSE in Nord (800km Up fromCalgary) you get him in every year.
    So here is by location.
    Last year I was applying for 1 Mulley Dow in a Special Area and I got 2 for the same tag, because of undertagging applicants.

    When you apply for priorities on draw system you pay $15/animal and when you got the draw another $35/animal.

    About the number of animals what you can got whitout applicantion / year: so 2 black bears in the spring, or in the fall (if you don;t fill your tag in the spring you can used them in the fall), 2 White Tails Deer(Doe or Buck), 1 Buck Mulley Deer, 1 Elk Buck (for Doe you need a special application, and you can got her in every 2 years), and one Bull Moose in Nord (800-1000km up).
    For the Birds, different story.

    This is just rough review of our system.

    They put ban on Grizzly Bear last year and we hope will be on again in few years.

    In July you have to