tac 15i forsale with all the whistles

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    Sep 27, 2012
    1. for sale. Iam selling my new pse tac 15i i can not hunt any more and cant use it. It has everthing a new tinimy trigger a new quad dropaway rest a hha optimer and also have had the rail modified alreay by a gun smith. I also just bought a dozen of the new areo bolts from fire nock with 3 lighted nocks. I hate to get rid of it but my health wont let me hunt any more i bought the bow new last year this is what i have into it.bow 1599.00 plus tax dropaway 220.00 hha optimer 160 ,tinimy trigger 210.00 12 areo bolts with 3 lighted nocks 358.00 , rail mod. 30.00 for a total of 2577.00 plus tax make me a offer 2189694427